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Samurai Machine Tools

Samurai 120 BT30 ATC Spindle

Samurai 120 BT30 ATC Spindle

Lead time 2-4 weeks

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     For a while the options for BT30 spindles have been very limited, leaving you to decide between a very high end (and large) spindle costing thousands, or a spindle from China which is affordable but too large for a lot of small DIY CNC machines. 

We have created a spindle to fill that gap between an ATC spindle and an ER collet or R8 spindle. It is a BT30, ATC ready spindle but the height is only 200mm (7.87inch) which means small machines can finally have a BT30 ATC system capable of cutting steel, and at a low cost.


Benefits of BT30 over R8 or similar:

  • Reduced Runout
  • Increased Rigidity
  • Fewer parts between the spindle and the tool
  • No tool slippage
  • No tool pull-out
  • Cheaper toolholders
  • Huge variety of toolholders (e.g. Hydraulic chuck or heat shrink tooling)
  • ATC capable
  • High torque capability
  • Larger diameter tooling
  • Tool changes in under 2 seconds are possible


This spindle was designed to be used on the Samurai 120 but that doesn't mean it wont work on your machine. This spindle is perfect for any small DIY CNC machine (under 400kg / 880lbs) as one of the most complicated and costly aspects of making your own machine is the spindle.


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