About us

Izen Engineering is a family business founded in 2020. Our goal is to push the boundaries and provide better quotes than anyone else, then deliver on these promises with exceptional part accuracy and surface finish.

We have experience designing CNC machines so we fully understand what's involved in the process of machining. Furthermore, we can use our first principles thinking to re-imagine how a machine shop should be run. 

We see so many machine shops around the UK using old technology, unmotivated workers, mess everywhere, and huge inefficiencies. This leads to high prices, long lead times, and scrapped parts.

Imagine if all these problems were gone and lead times dropped, prices dropped, and quality increased. That is the goal of Izen Engineering.



We have 3 axis milling capability of 760x400x600mm XYZ.

DN Solutions SVM4100

Samurai 120H VMC

Samurai 120H

Anodizing capability (160x160x50mm)

3D printing capability

12 Ton Hydraulic press

Full CAD/CAM/FEA software