Experimental program

Izen Engineering works closely with Samurai Machine tools to develop CNC machining technology. 

These machines need to be tested by machining real world components, which means we need parts.


Discounted Service

Your parts will be made on our experimental machines, meaning the quality may not be up to our typical high standards, however parts will be within tolerance. You can expect up to 40% discount compared to our typical rates.


Long Lead time

The shortest lead time we will quote is 4 weeks, because we may make modifications to the machines during the production process. Also our machinists must prioritise regular customer orders.


No NDA restrictions

By using this service you agree that any parts you send may be shown publicly, on our websites or other platforms.


This service is aimed at private individuals / students / small businesses who could benefit greatly from massively reduced prices.

To use this service, please mention 'Experimental' in your email.