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Aluminium Anodising Service

Aluminium Anodising Service

Lead time

    This service is for Anodizing existing aluminum parts. If you need the parts to be machined then use the CNC Machining service and add details in the description.

    The process of anodizing aluminum does not affect a parts dimensions however it dramatically increases the durability of the aluminum surface by building a thick porous layer in the surface. Because of this, any imperfections in the part will show up on the final piece so extra care must be taken to prevent / remove scratches. The texture of the part before anodizing will be the same as the texture after anodizing.

    To decrease the cost of the quote, when choosing finish select as machined / untouched. Prepare the part(s) and carefully wrap them before shipping.

    Colour can also be added to the surface to give a professional looking result. Precise colours can be controlled by mixing dyes and varying the concentration of the dye solution.



    Lead time valid after the parts have been received

    Parts over 190x90x60mm will cost significantly more

    Providing the value of the surface area will greatly decrease the cost of the quote


    Aluminium anodising is a complicated process with lots of factors that could affect the end result. Before shipping, an image of the part(s) will be sent to you to make sure you are ok with the finish. If you are not, the parts can be re-anodised.

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